It’s hard to overstate the sense of helplessness you feel when your car breaks down and you’re nowhere near home. To help you avoid panic, most local tow truck services in the Indianapolis area lays out what to do when you need to hire local tow truck services to get you out of your towing emergency. Our drivers offer prompt towing response times and the most dependable towing services with a smile. At Prime Towing Indy, we will have you back to safety and on the road again in no time. Call us at 317-344-4543.

What’s Your Towing Location

Before calling a tow truck, you first need to be able to tell the dispatcher where to find you. If you are near an intersection or mile marker, or if you can see a house number or street address, you are in luck. However, if you have had the misfortune to break down on a long, unmarked country stretch of road, stay calm. You may be able to pinpoint your location using your cell phone’s GPS. It can tell you what road you’re on (if you don’t know) and calculate how far you are from a particular intersection, landmark, or business. Definitely needed if you are getting an emergency local tow truck service.

Need a Local Tow Truck Service?


Get the Right Tow Truck

When requesting emergency tow truck services, tell the dispatcher what the problem is, if you know, or describe the situation as best as you can. This helps the tow truck driver better prepare for the job, which can only speed up the vehicle recovery process and get you to safety more quickly.


Where Are You Being Towed

While you’re waiting for the local tow truck service to arrive, figure out where you want to have your car delivered. If your preferred auto service shop is nearby, have the driver drop your car off there. However, if you do not have a regular mechanic or if you are in an unfamiliar area, search for nearby repair shops and read some online reviews to find the most reliable one. If you do not have access to the internet, the tow truck driver may be able to recommend a good mechanic.

Take Advantage of Our Local Tow Truck Services

Prime Towing offers 24/7 emergency local tow truck services to clients of all types. Call us now for your emergency towing services. Call us at 317-344-4543 for towing services today.