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Prime Towing Indy

We pride ourselves on consistently providing a worry-free experience. If you’re looking for Cheap Towing and Quality Affordable Flat Rate Towing in Indianapolis, we are here for you!

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  • No Appointment Necessary
  • Cheap Flat Rate Towing for all Makes and Models
  • Change Tires
  • Unlock Vehicles
  • Serving Indianapolis Area

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We provide cheap flat rate towing to vehicles American or Import, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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  • Flatbed towing and transport
  • Light-duty towing and transport
  • Medium-duty towing and transport
  • Heavy-duty towing and transport

Great Service

We offer flat rate towing of vehicles from the auctions.

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Prompt service, honest and dependable, and damage free, cheap, flat rate towing in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Roadside Assistance in Indianapolis

Stuck on the side of the road?

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If you’re ever in need a battery jump, a 24 hour flat rate cheap tow truck or just a tire change, in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, we are there.

FAQ’S & News

  • How we can help you?

    Our goal is to provide you the best 24 hour cheap towing companies in Indianapolis experience when you need cheap flat rate towing for your car, truck or motorcycle tow in Indianapolis, Indiana with us.


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