4 Signs You Have the Best Towing Company

It’s true that there are a lot of different towing companies out there. Some may be the first ones to show up in a Google search for “what is the best towing company near me“, but often choosing the best isn’t that easy. To be safe, and to prevent any further damage to your vehicle, you want to hire not only a towing company is good, you want the company that is the best.

Here are a few signs that when you’ve done your search, that you’ve found the absolute cream of the crop.

The Towing Company Has a Good Reputation

Tow truck companies have to rely on their reputation to get business, you can separate an outstanding company from an amateur one by looking on places like Yelp or Facebook to read testimonials and reviews. Look for comments on a tow truck driver’s overall sense of punctuality, professionalism, and friendliness to make sure you can rely on them

They are Easy to Reach

As soon as your vehicle breaks down, you want to get your car to a dependable mechanics garage as soon as possible. A dependable company will always be easy to reach. You can always reach Prime Towing Indy at 317-343-3543 today!

They Have Experience

Tow trucks are always for sale. Why make that point? Anyone can purchase a towing vehicle, and start working their new company in the community. It however, takes a lot of various towing experiences to provide specialized services and reassure customers their vehicles are safe in their hands. Generally, a good number of years experience for a tow truck company 0wner to have is at least 4 years of experience in the industry.

They Have Good Equipment

You want to make sure that the company that is picking up your vehicle is one that has taken care of their equipment. Equipment means everything to ensure the safety of your vehicle and any other vehicle on the road. The last thing that you want is for your vehicle to become damaged due to the lack of care of another person’s vehicle.


Tow Truck 46205

If  you are looking for a tow truck 46205 in Indianapolis, then you have come to the right place. People come to get their vehicle towed by Prime Towing Indy. Have you ever been in a situation where your car won’t start? Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road? Sometimes you need a flat tire fix, a friendly jump start, or refueling because you are out of gas. However, other times it may be more serious and you might need a reliable car tow to the nearest mechanic shop. When you are looking for integrity and reliability are key for your personal situation, we are here to bring you an excellent service you can depend on.

Tow Truck 46205 Services

Some of the services that we offer are the following:

Looking for a Tow Truck Company Indianapolis? Call – 317-343-3543

Your car means everything. It’s probably your most personal asset. If your car begins to experience troubles while you are on the road, the negative effects on your life could be incalculable. With all that in mind, if something happens and you are looking for a tow truck company Indianapolis, you need help right away. Especially if you’re in need of emergency roadside assistance.

But how do you find the best tow truck company in your time of need?

Ask Family and Friends

Reach out to someone you can trust. To be honest, in the time of an automobile emergency, you need to reach out to a friend or family member. Why? Because not only are they someone that you can trust, they are people that truly care and they will make a great recommendation. Generally, they know a towing service that you can trust. You don’t want just any cheap towing company pulling your car!

tow truck company indianapolis

When Looking for a Tow Truck Company Indianapolis Check Out Their Social Media Pages

Why would you want to check out a towing companies social media pages? With platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp, its easy to learn the feel and personality of the towing company. Those platforms are also known for reviews. So with that in mind, you are able to see what kind of reviews the company has, how they interact with customers, and how they handle complaints or issues, if any.

Take Time to Visit their Business Location if possible

Cars break down. So to anticipate the inevitable, it’s good to have a great Indianapolis tow truck company information in your phone or whatever place you keep vital information. Possibly your glove box? If you visit tow truck companies nearby, collect their information, and investigate their premises, it’s easy to get a feel for how they handle customer service as well as cars that are towed. You have to remember your car means a lot, so you want the best company to tow your car, truck or motorcycle tow when you’re in that time of need.

If you are in need of a tow truck company in Indianapolis in a time of need, please give us a call at Prime Towing at 317-343-3543 today!

Looking for a Greenwood Wrecker Service? Call 317-343-4543

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Four important things to look for in a Greenwood Indiana Wrecker Service

If you are stuck on the side of the road with some serious damage to your vehicle, a broken down car or truck, or need roadside assistance, finding the right tow truck company can be more than a hassle. It can be downright frustrating. If you are looking for a Greenwood, Indiana wrecker service? Well the perfect towing service in Greenwood can be difficult to find, especially with a long list of cheap towing services or flat rate towing services near me.

Here are a few important things to look for in a Greenwood towing company so you know who to call when you need towing services.

medium duty towing rates


Like the world of real estate, location means everything in the towing world. Why? When you’re looking for different cheap towing companies, make sure they service the area where your vehicle is located. The majority of towing companies charge by the mile, so when you are looking for that tow service in Greenwood, make sure you call the best towing company near me, Prime Towing.

Also, if you are broken down on the side of the road in bad weather, you want to  make sure you know your exact location and the location of where you want your vehicle towed before you make that call. That’s the only way to make sure you have the right towing service.


Every towing company isn’t created the same. Now, that doesn’t mean the best towing service near me is the most expensive. When you are hiring a towing company, be sure to get the exact price, including taxes, before you decide on which company to go with. Also, don’t forget to ask about possible fees, like as hookup fees and price-per mile rates. Especially for a cheap tow in your area.

You should look for someone who has reasonable prices. The most expensive towing company may not be the best company for your towing needs, but the least expensive may not be the best choice available either. Calling around to find the right towing company is always the best idea. Call Prime Towing at 1-888-958-3378 to get the best towing rates in the Indianapolis and Greenwood area today!


What’s more important in your towing experience than the price of your tow is the reputation of the company. Only people who have hired a specific company can tell you honestly what they are like. Find a company with a great reputation, and you’re sure to get great results.


We all love our cars. The last thing we want to experience, is an inexperienced tow truck driver making a mistake in hooking up your vehicle.  Make sure that when you’re calling around to find a tow truck that the company has the right equipment for the job. Make sure to be very specific about what is going on with your vehicle, the type of vehicle and more, so the company can bring the right type of truck for your towing needs. An experienced company will know to ask the best questions about your situation.

At the end of the day, needing to get a Greenwood wrecker or a Greenwood towing company can be a stressful time. Make the decision to call Prime Towing to help you with your towing needs.


Keep Calm and Call a Towing Service in Indianapolis – 317-343-4543

hose of you who drive their cars on a busy road in Indianapolis also know the possibilities of breakdown. If and when you get in a situation like this, the only thing that is going to help you out is to remain calm and call a reliable cheap Indianapolis towing company.

When to Call a Towing Service in Indianapolis

Sometimes you need to keep calm and call a towing service in IndianapolisThere are certain situations where you need a cheap tow truck. And you should be well aware that if you own an older car, the chance of you needing a tow increase that much more. Those of you who drive their cars on a busy road in Indianapolis also know the possibilities of breakdown. If and when you get in a situation like this, the only thing that is going to help you out is to remain calm and call a reliable cheap Indianapolis towing company. Just do a search for “cheap towing services near me“, you’ll find us.

Call a Towing Service in Indianapolis

There are several situations where you may need to call a tow truck in Indianapolis to get your car back on the road. Some of the most common reasons you may need to call a tow truck are :

Flat tire – Although every car may have a spare tire, there are times when you may have a spare tire, but the tire could be in any kind of condition. The spare tire could be flat itself, it could be missing or in just a bad condition in general. Just in case, there are flat tire kits that you can purchase everywhere.

Car Engine Breakdown – A car is a machine and eventually all machines can breakdown, no matter how well you may maintain the vehicle. That’s when you’ll need to call roadside assistance company in Indianapolis.

Car Accident – None of us want to face an accident but car or truck accidents do happen, its just a matter of fact.

towing service in indianapolis

How Can You Find a Good Indianapolis Towing Company?

So, if you are in any of these and situations or something similar to these, you should never panic. Yes, it is easier said than done but keeping a level head is the best option for you.

Use Your Connections to Call a Tow Truck

If you don’t know how to call a tow truck, you should not panic just because you are stranded in the middle of nowhere. It’s best for you to rather use your connections and try to find out a reliable Indianapolis towing company to help you out. You can call your friends and families that you trust, often they have some of the best references for the best cheap Indianapolis towing company, because Indianapolis towing rates can get expensive. When you get the contact information of a reliable towing service provider, call them and ask for their prices and other services. If you feel that the company is a good reliable towing service in Indianapolis, IN  then pick up the phone, call them and if they are a great company, they will come to get you back on track as soon as possible. Call us, we are the emergency roadside assistance Indianapolis company that you need. And we are definitely one of the top towing companies in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Removing Unwanted Vehicles – 317-343-4543

Removing an unwanted car can be difficult. If you’re in the need of removing an unwanted car in Indianapolis, Prime Towing Indy is your guide!

Indianapolis Car Removal Service

Indianapolis, Indiana is the crossroads of America, and sometimes in Indianapolis junk cars are left on the highway and on the streets. Prime Towing Indy is the perfect Indianapolis towing service to meet your needs.

Removing Unwanted Cars in Indianapolis

Remove Unwanted Cars

Getting rid of an unwanted car isn’t as easy as you thought.

Whether you thought about trying to sell, trying to tow, or simply giving it away, there’s a good chance that you’re surprised at what an ordeal it can be. In some cases, you may be shocked to find out that towing companies or car removal companies ask for $200-$300 to remove your car for you.
It doesn’t have to be that way. Prime Towing Indy now offers cheap tow car removal service in Indianapolis.

The Most Affordable Car Towing Removal Service You Can Count On 

In the past, the most troublesome part of getting rid of an unwanted car could be the towing fees. Some car removal companies will charge you hundreds of dollars simply to take the unwanted car off your hands. We offer an affordable towing service Indianapolis. When your only desire is to have a car removed from your property, that’s an exorbitant amount of money we’re talking about. It’s just as easy as searching, “tow truck Indianapolis“, and we are going to be there, right away!

Removing Unwanted Vehicles

We simply help you remove your unwanted car in an efficient, straight-forward way.

We believe in being upfront, direct, and honest with our customers. That’s why we don’t undertake any “valuations” of your car upon towing it. We play fair. We tell you what our towing service in Indianapolis, Indiana provides and we don’t make any outlandish promises to win your business. Simply put, we help you get rid of unwanted cars without the wild promises.

Although it can be enticing when you hear a company tell you all about how they’ll pay you to tow your unwanted car away in Indianapolis, the truth is that no company can build a sustainable business model by paying out more than they’re taking in.

We take great care in being honest and direct about our car removal towing services in Indianapolis, so that each customer is left satisfied—with one less unwanted car on their property. Better than needing another roadside assistance Indianapolis to come take you and your car away. Like Calgon.

What to look for if your car is being towed – 317-343-4543

Need a car tow? Has your car ever been broken down in the middle of the road? If the answer is no, consider yourself lucky.

Do you need a car tow?

Have your ever needed a car tow? Has your car ever been broken down in the middle of the road? If the answer is no, consider yourself lucky. Unlike you, some have not had the same amount of good luck. No one can actually say if or when they will need the services of a local Indianapolis towing company. However, if you happen to be in the group of people that do need the services of a towing company, these are the things that you need to notice when you’re car or truck is being towed.

Be a smart consumer.

As any smart consumer, make sure to take notice of the tow truck that the flat rate towing company sent out to tow your car. Different tow trucks have different towing capacities. Make certain that the tow truck that was sent out for your job is the right tow truck that is the appropriate type for your car or truck. Also, take heed… Be cognizant of the parts of the tow truck. Parts like brakes, transmission, lights and tires of the tow truck should look as if they are cared for and in good condition.

Watch the tow truck driver.

Watch the tow truck driver carefully. The driver should be both experienced and well trained. When you need a car tow, the last thing you want is to have your car damaged while being towed by another company. They should appear to be trained well on the use of the equipment and experienced. The driver should clearly identify who they are, and before the tow, they should give you a general cost range of your tow. Most importantly, they MUST be familiar with all of the legal requirements of the job. The towing driver should not have any unidentified passengers inside of the towing vehicle. The tow truck driver should also follow all of the appropriate posted speed limits of the area.

The Indianapolis towing company staff should place the relevant towing boards and tools on your vehicle. The tow truck driver should know the roads where your vehicle will be towed, if you are being charged per mile, the last thing that you want is to pay extra mileage fees simply because the tow truck driver did not know where they were driving! In today’s smartphone society, the driver should be able to quickly get you where you need to be without any additional expense.

Common Reasons to Call a Tow Truck Company – 317-343-4543

If you have ever been stranded on behalf of the road, you can connect with how stressful of a situation this is. Here are reasons why you call a tow truck!

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Most Common Reasons that People Contact Tow Truck Companies

If you have ever been stranded on behalf of the road, you can connect with how stressful of a situation this is. Before you panic, it is crucial to stay focused and fully consider your options. Many individuals distrust reaching out to a tow truck and think they can handle the situation by themselves. Nevertheless, a tow truck can possibly be your savior.

There are many reasons people call a tow truck. Here are just a few reasons:

Most of the time, a tow truck is your safest option. Not only are tow truck drivers experienced in these variety of situations, but they will ensure your vehicle makes it to an auto body shop safely. Despite the situation, if your car is not drivable, call Prime Towing Indy immediately to ensure that they can bring your car to and we can diagnose the problem and get you back when traveling immediately.

Here is a look at the most common needs to get your sports car or truck towed as an alternative to attempting to handle the situation by yourself:

In Case of a Car Accident

If you have been in an accident, your safest option is to have a tow truck bring your vehicle to an auto body shop. Even though your car seems drivable after a collision, driving it before a professional has looked it over can cause further damage. Have you heard the story of the driver that tried to drive their car after an accident that hit the side of his house? In some cases, accidents cause damage to the chassis of the vehicle. While it may seem be running fine to you, driving your car after an accident may damage the frame or axles with you realizing it. This is why it is critically important for you to have your vehicle towed to a reputable auto body shop before driving it after an accident, regardless of whether you don’t see any damage with the naked eye.

When They Run Out of Gas call a tow truck

Running out of gas can be both embarrassing and stressful, and could be dangerous in some cases. If you are on the side of the highway or nowhere near a filling station, your best option is to call a tow truck. In the unfortunate event that you run out of gas at night, a 24 hour Indianapolis tow truck company is your best bet! This is especially true if you have children or another passenger with you. Oftentimes, if you tell the tow truck company that you ran out of gas, and generally they have a roadside assistance service and they will deliver you gas for a much smaller fee than a more traditional tow.

Their Engine Overheats

Despite the fact that you take good care of your car plus all its maintenance needs, items can happen that run out your control. If your vehicle overheats while you are driving it and has left you stranded somewhere, you should call a towing company in Indianapolis before anything else. These sorts of situations can possibly be extremely taxing and it can be easy to get stressed and overwhelmed. Before you begin panic mode, call a towing service and have your car taken to Nu Way so we can look it over and diagnose the problem.

Their Car Won’t Start.

This is probably the absolute one of most common reasons people call a tow truck. Lots of individuals have experienced the frustration of leaving to your car to head to work in the morning, only to find it won’t start. There are various reasons why your car may not start, from a dead battery to something more serious. When you call a tow truck driver, he will likely check the fluids and battery and do everything in his power in order to get you back driving quickly.

At the End of the Day

If you end up in a situation with a broken vehicle or if you have been associated with an accident, your safest option is to have your vehicle towed to a great mechanic or auto body shop in your area. Our mechanics will take a look at over your car and repair it as quickly as possible to get you back driving.


Predatory Auto Tow Service Companies

Predatory Towing is not a new method auto tow service companies have participated in this style of fraud, Prime Towing Indy is a great auto tow service!

Predatory Auto Tow Service Companies

Predatory Towing is not a new method auto tow service companies and business people have long participated in this style of fraud, which victimizes unsuspecting automobile drivers. Although the specifics of these illegal practices may change from case to case, towing is generally considered predatory when:

  • An auto tow service operator will only take cash to release a vehicle
  • A vehicle has been towed without authorization from the landlord or manage
  • The tow operator has no permit to tow vehicles

Predatory towing may also include a demand to pay a parking ticket that has not been issued by a government entity. No matter the circumstances or methods through which these nefarious towing companies engage in their business, Predatory towing is against the law! If you believe that you have been a victim of predatory towing, you should contact police and file a grievance. They can also take the towing company to small claims court. Indianapolis towing rates should never be “sky high”.

Some Indianapolis personal injury law firms have accepted the scourge of predatory auto tow service companies  by filing class action suits against Indianapolis, Indiana companies guilty of this particular illegal practice. The firm’s injury blog details a class-action lawsuit that the firm filed on the side of a client whose car was towed away while it was legally parked in the bunch of Indianapolis, restaurant without the building owner’s approval.

Predatory Towing Tactics

The exact methods that predatory towers use to victimize drivers can vary from company to company. Some similarities do exist, however. Including, but not limited to:

  • Charging large fees to release the towed vehicle
  • Demanding fees be paid in cash
  • Tow truck drivers who ‘troll’ parking area trying to find violations or partial violations
  • Driving away quickly with the towed auto
  • Towing vehicles to a dark street or location other then where the car was picked up
  • Reports of thefts from the towed cars

Not All Towing Companies Are Dishonestauto tow service

Shady auto tow companies give the entire industry a blemish, but there are an abundance of companies that are around that perform excellent work and perform a much-needed service. A quick search in Bing or Yahoo reveals towing companies that have excellent performance history. You can investigate these companies further by visiting their web pages and reading online reviews for their services on sites like Google maps, Yahoo local, and Yelp.

When you end up in situations where contacting a towing company is necessary, by doing a tiny bit of research and choosing companies that post client testimonials or have reviews on online sites including Yelp, Yahoo local and Google local, you can remove a lots of the guesswork from choosing a towing company. If you’re lucky you’ll find cheap towing in your area.

By insuring that the company you are dealing with is reputable and has a good history of success, you can be sure that your towing experience will be a positive one.

Some auto tow service companies victimize people throughout Central Indiana everyday. Not all companies use these shady tactics, however. If you end up that need an Indiana tow service a few simple steps can help insure that you are working with a reputable Indianapolis auto tow service company:

  • Make certain the company has a local address and telephone number
  • Check to see the length of time they’ve been around
  • Find companies that have reviews on sites like Yahoo local, Google local and Yelp.
  • Visit the companies business website and read client testimonials
  • Check to see if the company is registered with the BBB or local chamber of commerce

If you need emergency roadside assistance in Indianapolis, Indiana and believe that you are in an unsafe situation, make sure to contact the local authorities or State Police. Carmel, Indiana towing companies can only help those passengers that are not in immediate danger. Remember to buckle for safety!

Do you need Roadside Assistance? – 317-343-4543

Do you need roadside assistance? Sometimes its difficult to think clearly and make the most suitable decisions for your situation. Here is a guide to help!

Do you need roadside assistance?

Do you think you need roadside assistance? It’s pouring down raining and you look down to notice you’re fresh out of gas.  If you are stuck alongside a road due to a car accident, blowout, or overheating, it might be difficult to think clearly and make the most suitable decisions. Here is a guide to help you make the best decision.

Prime Towing Indy is here to offer some basic and clear steps you can handle by yourself before calling roadside assistance in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is essential to relax. Remember to breathe deeply. A roadside assistance call is not always necessary. Before getting on the phone to make that phone call to find a good roadside assistance towing service, it’s wise to take the following steps before you make that call

Access the situation and damage. You may not need to make a roadside assistance call.

The occasional fender-bender may happen. If your car is still drivable, you may be able to get it to the auto body shop without calling for roadside assistance. If so, make sure that you get a police report. And before you contact your personal injury lawyer, contact your auto insurance agent. You may already have roadside assistance available. Otherwise,  get the car or truck to the body shop. There are certain instances, not many, that you won’t need to contact roadside assistance to tow your motorcycle.

Chances are, if your motorcycle was involved in an accident, you’ll need to call a motorcycle tow truck service.

Blowouts happen and Car Lockouts Happen.

If you get on the roadway, and you happen to have a blowout, and you know how to change a tire yourself, you’ll save yourself the expense of a roadside assistance call. Some car tires have slow leaks, and that’s why you want a good fix-a-flat tire sealant repair kit. Regardless, remember to always be safe. If you’re not all the way pulled over on the highway, changing a flat tire can be dangerous. Oddly enough, some vehicles may not have the needed tools to change a flat tire. If you find that is the case in your situation, you should call a cheap towing service to get the vehicle to an auto mechanic, a car dealership or in the oddest of situations, to a body shop.

Car lockout.

God forbid that you lock yourself out of your car. Sometimes, you may not have access to a spare key. A good roadside assistance company can usually respond in minutes with the tools required to quickly unlock a car. Note to self: you can buy a lockout kit to have handy for a friend or relative if needed.  And if need be look for the opportunity for cheap towing.

Do I need Roadside Assistance? Portable Jump starting kit can be used in lieu of roadside assitance

There are situations where a flat tire can easily be changed. Less serious problems such as needing a flat tire fix. If you have a portable car jump starting kit, or access to a gas station, then you may not need a towing company. If you prefer the help of a professional, first check to see if you have roadside assistance covered under your car warranty or car insurance or auto club membership. Here are a couple of great places that offer cheap roadside assistance plans for sale. Otherwise, you will need to be ready to pay for a tow truck company in Indianapolis, Indiana who can provide 24 hour roadside assistance.

Future Best Practices

There are some precautions you can take on your own to avoid high costs and unnecessary stress later on. Consider practicing how to change a tire on your time so you can confidently change a flat tire in a real-life situation. Next, you may want to research affordable and reliable towing companies when you have time. You can save their number in your phone or keep their numbers in your glove compartment for safekeeping once you feel comfortable with 1-3 towing companies. It’s always good to have a tow truck referral service, like Prime Towing Indy readily available in your phone to call!