Imagine being stuck on the side of the road at 2am without any hope in sight! It’s at this time you will need somebody to get you and your family off of the highway as soon as possible. No matter the time, hiring a 24-hour towing company to get you off the road just makes sense. When you hire a towing company that’s open 24 hours, you can make it a point that your passengers are safe and your vehicle is repaired as soon as possible. Here is why calling a round-the-clock car towing company for help is the best option.

What is the Job of a Towing Company

The job of a towing company is to transport vehicles that are inoperable or unavailable to drive via a tow-truck. Tow trucks can be flat bed, rollback, or hitch. The types of towing jobs that a service normally completes for customers include:

But enough about towing, let’s talk about the advantages of hiring a 24-hour tow truck service.

Protect Your Vehicle

If you ever break down on the highway, try to avoid leaving your vehicle unattended at all costs. When you abandon your vehicle on the side of the road, you run the risk that your car may be:

  • Stolen
  • Towed
  • Impounded
  • Ticketed

As you can see, it’s in your best interest to contact an all-day towing service. A company dispatcher will quickly determine your location and send a tow truck out to load your vehicle up and take it to your desired destination.

Prevent an Accident

Leaving your vehicle on the median or the shoulder of the road is beyond dangerous. Make it a point to stay in your automobile while wearing your seat belts. Resist the temptation to get out of the vehicle in a potentially failed attempt to fix your engine as you could be struck by another car. A 24-hour towing company will quickly assist you to eliminate any risks and help you to stay safe.

Save Time & Money

In the middle of the night, some towing services are not open to help you. If you leave your vehicle unattended, your car can gets broken in, or you may come back to find that your vehicle is missing, then the financial impact greatly increases. Having your car towed can easily mitigates any of these risks.

Stranded? Hire a 24-Hour Towing Company

The next time you’re stalled on the highway or your vehicle won’t start while you’re away from home, contact the 24-hour towing team at Prime Towing Indy at 317-343-4543