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Have you been stranded in Indianapolis or have a broken down car or truck and you are looking for a flatbed service near me? At Prime Towing Indy, we are the leading provider of towing services near you, wherever you are! Just pick up the phone and dial 317-343-4543 for help with your flatbed towing service today!

Flatbed Tow Trucks

A flatbed tow truck also known as a rollback tow truck service  is exactly what the name suggests. The bed of the tow truck is a level platform, which is great for hauling heavy objects and materials, even vehicles. Often flatbed tow truck services are used to tow motorcycles or cars that have been in very bad wrecks! For a vehicle to be mounted onto a flatbed tow truck, however, an external ramp or some hoisting device must be used to drag or lift the vehicle onto the bed of the truck.


Towing Service Near

A Towing service also known as a wrecker service means a person engaged in the business or offering the services of a vehicle wrecker or towing service, whereby disabled motor vehicles are towed or otherwise removed from the place where they are disabled by use of a wrecker so designed for that purpose or by a truck, automobile can be safely towed in an emergency.

Need a Flatbed Service Near Me? Call Us NOW!!

The bottom line is this, if you are stranded and in need of a flatbed service near me, then just search, “flatbed service near me” and find the best flatbed towing service nearby, us, Prime Towing Indy! Call 317-343-4543 for help today!