Winter snow can cause your car’s performance to suffer and potentially damage it if you don’t prepare for the cold. When you notice your car taking longer to start, you’ve already waited too long. You should take it to an auto parts shop if you see any of these four problems. If you are experiencing troubles then you need 24 hour towing service in Indianapolis. Call us at 317-343-4543 for help today!

Dead Battery Problems

The chemical composition of a battery doesn’t do well in the winter. Unfortunately, the gel that accelerates the chemical reaction can freeze in cold temperatures. Dealing with a dead car battery is one of the most common reasons people call a tow truck service in winter. To prevent the need for this, you should store your vehicle in an indoor garage, or be sure to keep jumper cables with you at all times. Which is especially a good practice in general.

Failed Windshield Wipers

Wiper blades can fail during the winter because there is too much snow or ice on the windshield. Since wipers are rubber, they can easily break from the pressure of ice, snow, or slush. You can replace them with winter wiper blades from an auto parts shop, and get some help to install them promptly.

Stranded Car in the Winter?

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Frozen Car Fuel Lines

Your automobile engine is full of tubes that could freeze in cold temperatures, but your cars fuel line is the most susceptible to giving you trouble in the winter time. Make sure that your car keeps a full tank as often as possible, because the lower the gas in your tank, the more likely condensation will collect and solidify.

Thickening Fluids

Transmission fluid, antifreeze, and oil can also harden, although each of them has a different freezing point. Automobile antifreeze liquid has various brands that can work in most sub-zero temperatures, oil and transmission fluid do not. You can turn your car on for at least 15 minutes before you plan to leave your house to in order to soften fluids.

Winter Car Problems Can Slow You Down

Generally, if you are experiencing winter car problems, it’s due to the listed factors. If you are in the need for a tow truck service, call us at 317-343-4543 for help today!