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Battery issues are one of the major causes of calls to auto repair companies. Drivers must be aware of indications their batteries are dying to avoid getting stranded and the need to call for a car towing company. Here are four signs that show you that it’s time to head to a mechanic for a potential electrical repair or that it may be time to replace the car battery. If you need an emergency car tow, call us at 317-343-4543.

Trouble with Electric Components

Some automobiles will turn on but then struggle to illuminate the headlights or run the car radio. If the car has electronic components that are not working or if the car or truck has it’s own set of  faulty wiring, then the automobile battery may be using all of the power in reserves to run the engine and may not have enough amps to allow these extras to run smoothly.

Illuminated Battery Indicator on the Dashboard

Cars have dashboard warning lights that give an indication that it’s time to bring the vehicle to a mechanic or to address a potential battery issue. On the dashboard, there is a battery warning light that looks like a box with a little plus and minus sign inside. If this dashboard indicator is illuminated, then the car battery is probably having difficulty in charging or holding a charge. And because the battery is not charging, the car alternator may not be producing enough voltage to keep the car moving. If you are experiencing this type of difficulty, get an affordable towing shop to get your vehicle straight to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Have a Dead Battery and Need a Car Tow?

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Old Battery

When was the last time you changed the car battery? If your battery change was over three years ago, then head to an auto repair technician. At the auto repair shop, they will check the fuel cell voltage in the battery. A fully charged car battery should have over 12.6 volts when the car is not on and give off between 13.7 to 14.7 volts when the car is running. Batteries that are not charging and have been used for above or around four years may require a replacement since there could be leaking battery fluid and the battery can no longer hold enough of a charge to keep the vehicle running.

Rusty Battery Terminals

Vehicle batteries feature terminals or electric contacts. The battery contact transfers the energy to the car engine and then charges the battery as you run the car. If there are corroded or rusty metal ports, the battery’s ability to charge or provide power to the rest of the vehicle can be disrupted and prevent the flow of electricity.

You can clean minor rust off the battery terminals with baking soda, water, and a brush. This generally is beneficial if the battery is under three-years-old. However, if there is battery acid eating away at the battery housing or if the battery been in use for over three years, then you need to schedule an auto repair to replace the car battery and avoid total vehicle failure that may leave you stranded on the side of the road.